WUNI is a one-stop-shop
for everything you need
when you need it

Wuni is the new smart owning alternative
where you can earn easy extra money


  • Map

    Wuni maps with GPS ensures that you always get local search results first. Our use of pictograms provides a quick overview of the best results based on your needs

  • Top Request

    If you cannot find what you're looking for, you can post a Wish. Top Request provides an overview of the most popular wishes so that those who have just what you're looking for can post it in the App

  • Chat

    Ask questions, make appointments and follow up whether you are provider or renter.

  • Feeds

    Keep up with the latest news, new products and services that are being posted by your friends on Wuni

  • Add product

    Easily adda new product or service directly in the App


The world is changing, be a part of that change by using Wuni

By renting instead of buying, we reduce the environmental impact, which is an important contribution to a sustainable society

Wuni`s direct e-impact measuring gives you instant feedback on the positive environmental impact of your contribution

Freedom - To live life your way


Not only can I rent, Wuni inspires me!  Products are combined into a lifestyle solution


With Wuni I can meet new people that I would not have met otherwise.  I both earn extra money and get new experiences


I think it`s fun and exciting to be a part of something bigger.  I can have an actual positive impact on the environment  and I get instant feedback on my contribution

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